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How long is this game? I see that the game can't be saved which is a bummer.


Good point! An autosave has just been implemented and will be in the game as soon as the finished version goes live! (Very shortly, just needs some more testing first). There are only 32 screens, but likely it will still take most players hours to beat.


As I was saying, now it saves ;-)

Love the NES version, so this is pretty exciting!

Can you post the .p8 file as well? Would be great to try it in emulation...


Emulation will probably be pretty slow since this runs in 60fps, but it's an interesting idea when the game 100% finished.


At last! p8 and png-cart version now up!


Thank you!

Tested out in Argon on Pixel 7 (Android phone) and NVIDIA Shield (Android TV). Pictures attached...

TV has pixel smoothing on, phone has it off...

In some ways, find it harder than the NES version!


Looks good! It's more condensed than the NES game, partly because of Pico 8 limitations. So it gets to the harder levels a bit quicker, but beating it is probably easier.

It is possible to do multi-cart P8 games to work around the limitations. Sort of like overlays, or even bank switching ;-) We've been looking for a game that implements that we can work with to also support in Argon. We're using fake08 with some extra pre-processing as the core.


True. I wanted to stay within the limitations, because I felt it was sort of the point of making a Pico 8 game. Some of the mechanics make a return in the megadrive game though.

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v0.5 More music and sound effects. Subtle mechanical tweaks.
v0.31 Slight tweak to the spring bounce cancel mechanic
v0.3: Fifth screen has been rebalanced slightly.
v0.2: Tweaks a hitbox to make two screens slightly more forgiving.