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8-bit platformer for the NES that makes everyone a speedrunner. Playable on real hardware or modern devices.

The whole game is designed around a unique checkpoint mechanic that will only award a checkpoint when the player proves their mastery of a screen.

At the start you have two difficulty options to choose from. They affect the timer, which might seem insignificant, but as you play you will notice makes a big difference.

For those who truly master the game, the mechanical nightmare challenge levels await...

We have started selling a rather unique Famicom cartridge our own design. Supply is very limited but check out availability here:

An extended version with more secret routes, Slow Mole+ is in develoment!

Keep updated on all things Slow Mole:

Slow Mole now also on Dreamcast:

And the upcoming sequel for Sega Genesis/Megadrive:

And check out the spin-off, Slow Mole Jr:


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Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:21:27. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


The fact that the trailer is Nightmare Fuel makes it an instant Classic!


Excellent game ! and that horror music in game is really appropiate.


Nice Retro feeling! (Titus the Fox on timer and steroids!)

Finished the game on easy.

Then on normal (and mecha lvl).

Then on (skull) hard (and mecha lvl).

Some youngsters cried about how hard the game is.

It was time for the old fox to shine again.

Thank you for the victory from the past over the future!

Thank you for the super (hard) experience!

Thank you for the opportunitiy to win the respect of the young!

Old Mole walks slower but lives longer!


Thank you! Well played indeed! I fear few players make it that far. Keep an eye out if you want more, eventually I'll finish the Slow Mole + version!

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I'm loving this game so HARD!!

And "hard" being a key word here... Damn! This is my kind of game, so much fun - yet so thumb thumpin difficult!! But everything about this game is awesome... The music, the graphics, the gameplay, the level design, and the freakin amazing trailer videos you have been making! 

Thanks so much for making this!


Thank you for playing! Comments like this make the hard work worth it! The cartridge version will feature a few extras, including one more chip tune track that Linus just finished. And work on the Slow Mole+ version continues, but that won't be finished until possibly some time next year.


Claymation Trailer 2:


Updated Famicom prototype in action. A unique board of our own design.


Amazing work! Idea for a sequel - Swole Mole :D


Looking forward to grabbing a cart version, whenever they're available!


Great to hear! We're doing a limited release first, based on the Famicom prototype cart, that we designed:

Later this year there's also going to be a release of SlowMole+ with a more advanced cart with some unique hardware features. More info in this thread: https://www.videogamesage.com/forums/topic/8283-slow-mole-for-nes/

Definitely picking up that SlowMole+ version!


cute game! I cant get past a certain point though. 

If it's close to the start I can guess on which screen. There might be a hint in the trailer, otherwise you can always check what the speedrunners do https://www.speedrun.com/slow_mole


lo descargué , se ve bueno


This is great! Congratulations.

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Thank you! I would be amazing if it can reach players into this sort of game.


Cool game! But very hard. Here's an alternative box cover. 


This looks so good! At the same time really challenging! Definetely gonna try it! Love the commercial!


I'm gonna try it! Thanks!


Great Game!